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Carb Heat Box Arms, Shafts & Bearing Housings

New approvals for 177 and 205 thru 310 aircraft! 


Unique elastomer bearing replaces needle bearing

McFarlane's elastomer bearing is assembled with tension between the mating surfaces. This tension prevents micro-movement and its related metal erosion. The bearing contact area that transfers vibration motion from the heat box to the butterfly shaft is hundreds of times greater than that of the original needle bearing. This large surface effectively prevents localized metal erosion.


  • Absorbs shaft and butterfly vibration
  • Eliminates needle bearing failures
  • Increases service life of all components
  • Direct replacement for original parts


Proven Design

  • Tested to over 700,000 cycles while exposed to avgas, heat and vibration without any change in performance
  • Extremely rugged and wear resistant in high temperature and fuel environments



  • Discontinued part numbers through the factory are now manufactured by McFarlane
  • Shafts, arms, bearing housings, monel rivets and roll pins are also available separately or in kits


For ordering information, go Carb Heat Box Shafts, Arms, & Bearing Housings.


Needle bearings don't work!


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