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Exhaust Nuts/Studs

Save money and get an enhanced product with McFarlane Stainless Steel Exhaust Nuts and Studs! A heat-treated, high-strength stainless alloy improvement, these nuts and studs are nitrocarburized Black Max™ coated for additional corrosion protection and resistance to galling. Reduce the temperature flux stress on your exhaust flanges and gaskets with these FAA-PMA approved nuts and studs for Continental and Lycoming Engines. 

The stainless-steel stud and nut set are rust proof, high-strength, reusable fasteners for use on Continental and Lycoming engines. The studs are tap-end studs that come in various oversized options. The self-locking nuts provide a vibration resistant fastening action that will stay tight between inspections.



Exhaust Studs

  • Lasts much longer! Save $$$ and labor!
  • Less stress on the exhaust flanges and gaskets as the engine heats up and cools down
  • Studs are nitrocarburized Black Max™ coating to resist galling and corrosion
  • Black Max™ prevents galvanic corrosion between stainless and aluminum cylinder



Exhaust Nuts

  • Heat-treated, high-strength stainless alloy
  • Steel nuts are cad plated - better on galvanized and stainless studs
  • Won't rust and are reusable



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