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Universal Turn-to-Lock Controls

Perfect for homebuilt or custom projects 


These versatile controls are ideal for many applications. They feature a turn-to-lock mechanism that requires a quarter turn of the knob to lock or unlock the control.

  • Multiple options:
    • Knob styles
    • Inner wire size
    • Length
    • Dual or single wire/conduit
  • Many applications:
    • MCTL1014D series controls are ideal for choke controls for Rotax engines with dual carburetors
  • Quality stainless steel construction
  • High temperature Teflon lined conduit for smooth, consistent control 
    • Cheapy controls with poly liners will not tolerate engine temperatures
  • Wire end - may be trimmed to length


Click here to find the right control for your application.


For ordering information, go to Universal Turn-to-Lock Controls.




  • Travel (stroke): 3.5" minimum
  • Conduit (dual wire controls): 0.188 inch OD Teflon lined wound conduit
  • Conduit (single wire controls): 0.25 inch OD Teflon lined would conduit with a Teflon jacket
  • Max Work Loads: Pull: ~25 lbs; Push: ~10 lbs*
  • Operating Temp: -65 to 450 deg F (knob/housing assembly: -65 to 250 deg F)
  • Panel Fitting: 1/2-20 UNF thread

*Push loads apply to controls with solid wire only and depend on wire diameter, length of trimmed wire (unsupported by conduit), geometry of wire rigging, and the actuator configuration.

See McFarlane Turn-to-Lock Controls for further specifications.



Custom Engraved Knobs:

Custom laser marking of the knobs is available for $25.00 per knob. Receive a $15.00 discount for each additional knob with the same design. Please call Randy at 866-920-2741 ext. 289, or email him at for details.


Engraving Request Form


These controls are not for use on certified aircraft, or for use for flight controls or flight control trim tabs.


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