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Metal Bundles


All bar stock and tube from McFarlane is top quality aerospace grade material that has passed our stringent quality control requirements and is DFARS compliant (primarily US sourced:


The machines that we use to manufacture aircraft parts are unable to use the last 10-12 inches of material from every 12 foot bar. We bundle a number of these perfectly good unused pieces of stock together and sell them at a low price. We would rather provide these materials to you and extend our truckload discount than send it to the scrap yard or recycler!


These bundles are perfect to stock a repair shop or for hobby projects, and you can be confident that the material is certified and appropriately tested. Copies of the material certification from the actual mill where it was made are available upon request.


Order a variety of bundles so you always have what you need on hand! For ordering information, go to Metal Bundles.


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