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Curtis Oil Drain Valve with Activation Tool

CCB-38000 1/2 A.N.P.T. low profile aluminum oil drain valve for Lycoming engines with activation tool is now FAA-PMA approved.

P/N CCB-38000 Oil Drain Valve

P/N CCA-38001 Activation Tool


Curtis has developed and CERTIFIED a new low profile drain valve, P/N CCB-38000 to fit in applications where there would be an interference from landing gear operations, hoses, and other objects preventing the use of an oil drain valve and operation of draining oil. These components are anodized for corrosion protection. This valve does not include hose and clamps.


CCB-38000 Oil Drain Valve is sold as a set with the CCA-38001 Activation Tool, which is also sold separately.  


To find the drain valve for your aircraft, go to Drain Valves, Fuel and Oil.


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