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Passenger Door Step for Cessna Caravan


Durable aluminum step with STC!

P/N AF2617076-1


Engineered for increased longevity and constructed solely from aluminum. No more delamination.

Direct replacement for all positions, Cessna P/Ns 2617076-1 (lower), 2617076-10 (upper), and 2617076-11 (middle).


  • FAA-PMA STC Approved - STC comes with the part
  • Fits all Cessna 208/208B
  • One part number fits all three positions
  • Slip resistant tread surface
  • Withstands more weight than Cessna part
  • Longer service life while saving hundreds of $$
  • More resistant to weather and moisture



For ordering information, go to Part Number AF2617076-1.


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