McFarlane Aviation Products FAA-PMA Replacement Aircraft Parts

Caravan Spoiler Hinges

Improved McFarlane hinges feature selective fit components for a longer service life

P/N MC2622187-L (Replaces 2 each 2622187-7, 1 each 2622226-1)

P/N MC2622187-R (Replaces 2 each 2622187-7, 1 each 2622226-2)



  • Save $$
  • FAA-PMA direct replacement
  • Eligible for all Cessna Caravan 208,208B
  • Selective fit components
  • Cadmium plated stainless pins and alodined aluminum hinges for better corrosion resistance
  • No looseness in the hinge to start vibration wear



For ordering information, go to Spoiler Hinges.


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