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AeroLEDs Lighting

Increase safety and reduce operating cost!

See the Difference...





Original light
AeroLED light
Reduced drag!

Know the Difference...

  • Increased safety
  • Direct replacement
  • Up to 80% reduced power consumption
  • Long life - over 50,000 hours!
  • Lighter weight - no heavy power supply
  • Save up to 3 lbs
  • Zero maintenance
  • Catalog Information


Increased Safety

AeroLED lights allow you to comply with the latest FAA recommendations (Operation Lights On) regarding extended use of taxi, landing and anti-collision lights without fear of reduced light performance or life. They all feature optimized light color (6500k sunlight equivalent) for proven superior air-to-air recognition. The landing lights also feature a pulsed recognition light mode. 


Reduced Power Consumption

High efficiency LED lights use less than 1/3 the power of halogen bulbs. They significantly reduce the load on the electrical system and they will not dim due to low voltage typical of low RPM final approaches when you need them most!


Longer Life - Zero Maintenance

All AeroLED products are designed to be a "lifetime buy." They last over 50,000 hours when properly installed and do not degrade with on/off cycles. They are extremely rugged and hardened against all kinds of electrical damage, shock and vibration. 


Pulse Recognition Mode

AeroLED lights with pulse mode (or wig-wag mode) greatly improve safety by alternately blinking the left then right light once per second. This dramatically increases your aircraft visibility to prevent both air and ground collisions. At least one 36HX or 46HX series light must be installed to enable pulse mode.




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