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Slip Fit Conduit Terminal Assemblies


P/N 6271 (for 0.188” diameter conduit)
P/N 7002 (for 0.258” diameter conduit)


  • M6x1 x 1.00 inch thread for easy adjustment
  • Three installation options:
    • Free Fitting: Slip on the conduit
    • Semi-Permanent: Secure to conduit with provided set screws
    • Permanent: Epoxy to conduit with set screws
  • Used for a wide range of custom control applications, not application specific!
  • P/N 6271 designed for 0.188” diameter conduit, such as McFarlane P/N 6194
  • P/N 7002 designed for 0.258” diameter conduit, such as McFarlane P/N 1701



For ordering information, go to Slip Fit Conduit Terminals.


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