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New Universal Joint Drilling Service

McFarlane can precision locate and machine the tapered attachment hole in replacement CA62834-802SS Universal Joints to exactly match the location of the tapered attachment in the old universal joint. The new universal joint will be partially taper reamed so that the installer will only have to do a final taper ream to match the taper depth of the shaft in the airplane. The precision match service prevents having to re-rig the aileron control system and assures proper end clearance in the aileron chain drive sprocket shaft assembly.


McFarlane charges $35.00 per universal joint and a one-time $15.00 setup charge for the machine shop service. If the universal joint needs the collar and shaft removed there will be additional charges; Collar Removal $25.00 and Shaft Removal $75.00 per universal joint.


If you have any questions regarding this service, call Donna Jameson at 866-920-2741 ext. 312 or email her at 


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