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Cessna 182 Shimmy Dampener

Shimmy Dampener Assembly

For Cessna 182K through 182T
Direct replacement for part number 0743624-1


P/N MC0743624-1 for Cessna 182K through 182T


Fully repairable and 5x more dampening action than the Lord throw-away rubber dampener!


Improved design for consistent dampening action!

  • Quicker steering response
  • Reduced steering efforts compared to OEM and LORD assembly
  • Wear resistant hard anodized housing
  • Threaded head bearings with safety wiring
  • Temperature/altitude compensated hydraulics for low maintenance
  • Fluid level can be checked on or off the aircraft
  • Go longer without servicing!



Temperature compensated hydraulics

  • Almost no service required
  • Even the first minor movements are dampened
  • Consistent dampening action
  • Vastly improved oil retention



Cessna Torque LinksSteering Rods, Boots, & DoublersLanding Gear U-Bolt, and Main and Nose Strut Seal Kits also available.

P/N MC0442512-1 for Cessna 150, 152, 172, 175, and 182 aircraft also available.


Seal Kit P/N SDKT-8

  • Designed specifically to re-seal McFarlane shimmy dampener MC0743624-1
  • Contains all required wiper seals, quad rings, and O-rings


Floating Piston Extraction Tool 1530-1 also available!


Can You Stop Nose Gear Shimmy? by Dave McFarlane 


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