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Improved Repair Kits for Continental Carb Heat Box

New hardened stainless steel bearing for improved vibration resistance and longer life!


Don't be fooled by cheapy unapproved kits!
Avglas FAA-PMA/STC repair kits for approved Continetal carburetor heat boxes are manufactured by McFarlane. The Teledyne/Continental carburetor heat boxes are made from brazed steel and are used on many of the older light aircraft. Our new and improved kits replace the original bronze bearings with hardened stainless steel. This significantly improves vibration resistance and extends the bearing life.


Kits include:

  • Replacement shaft, arm, and detent spring assembly
  • Bearings
  • Bearing housing
  • Locknut and washer
  • Complete instructions


Engine model Continental Airbox part number Avglas part number
C-75 50256 FG-100
C-85 50256 FG-100
C-90 50256 FG-100
O-200 628122, 653675, 641534 FG-100
O-300 530852, 531143 FG-105

Note: Avglas repair kits are only applicable to aircraft equipped with the specified Continental airbox.


McFarlane also offers carb heat box repair kits for Cessna aircraft. For ordering details, go to Carb Heat Kits.

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