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Fuel Reservoir Drain Plunger for Cessna 177




  • McFarlane's blue vulcanized Viton rubber tip will outlast the original in any fuel!
  • All metal, one piece design eliminates the flimsy C-clip
  • 10 times better at half the price!
  • FDV-KT-1 o-ring and plunger kit also available


* 1 each required for aircraft serial numbers 177RG0001 thru 177RG0282 and F177RG0001 thru F177RG0062.
* 2 each required for aircraft serial numbers 177RG0283 thru 177RG1366 and F177RG0063 thru F177RG0177.


For ordering details, go to Fuel Reservoir Drain Valve Parts.


Instructions for Continued Airworthiness

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