Steering Rod Boot and Doubler Kits

Nose Wheel Steering Rod Boot and Doubler Kits for Cessna 150 thru 182 Aircraft

P/N SRB-KT-1 for 150 thru 152 series

P/N SRB-KT-2 for 172, 175 and early 182 series

Each kit contains two boots and two doublers.




McFarlane 150 thru early 182 series steering rod boots are manufactured with a black Kevlar®/fiberglass blend fabric. The fatigue resistance of Kevlar is uniquely mated with the fire resistance of fiberglass. This is a super tough, high temperature fabric that will provide many years of outstanding performance.

  • Keeps exhaust and carbon monoxide out of the cabin
  • Protects the cabin in case of an engine fire


Doubler for 150-152 aircraft is now FAA-PMA approved at less than 1/2 the price! 


Steering rod boot for 182E thru 182T also available!



For more information, go to Steering Rods, Boots, & Doublers


Maintenance Tip:

Boot failure occurs from radiant heat off of the exhaust system and flexing with the steering system. Cessna original boots are manufactured with a fiberglass based material that offers poor resistance to flexing fatigue which causes premature boot failure.


The 182 boot must be free from holes and leaks to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the cabin. It is normal for the exhaust system to leak exhaust at the component joints. Leaks in the firewall will allow exhaust and carbon monoxide to enter the cabin.



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